This Immersion/Practicum is designed for all RSM students and provides practical experience in their chosen area of ministry. The intention is to augment the classroom experience with supervised ministry engagement from ministry practitioners. The goal of this experience is to equip students with “hands on” ministry practice that will prepare them for real world challenges and opportunities to be a conduit for worldwide renewal and revival.

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General Requirements

The Immersion Internship requires participation throughout the entire 2 year program while at RSM. We currently do not provide this option for students in the Certificate of Ministry program. This will typically take place on a Wednesday night. There will be other options to coincide with ministry track that may be offered on a different night and coordinated by track coordinator and student services office.

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At the completion of the Immersion Internship, the field supervisor will write an evaluation of the student’s work. The evaluation will be submitted to both the student and the Student Service office in collaboration with Academic team (Track Facilitators).

The student will be evaluated on how the Immersion Internship affected the following areas:

Personal Formation

Practical Formation

Spiritual Formation

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