Engage in Life at RSM

Whether it is lounging in the café, studying with friends, or going out for the night with one of our Community groups – our campus is one filled with a sense of family and relationships. You will be in a multi-cultural atmosphere where people can grow together and enjoy the fellowship of others who share a passion to serve Jesus.

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Get Engaged

Immersion is a required annual event, which occurs the 1st week prior to the start of each year. It is a total “immersion” in God, community, and RSM spiritual culture. This key time provides a great opportunity to build relationships with other students, RSM staff, and faculty members. It also serves to lay a foundation for the upcoming semester.
We currently do not offer dining for meal plans. It our goal and plan to provide this as an option in the future for the students and community.
We believe in doing life together here at RSM. Students will have the option to join a RSM connect group that will meet at the convenience of the established group to engage in bible study, prayer and spiritual disciplines on a consistent basis. The student services office will facilitate this process and provide information for student engagement.
Monthly activity to explore the historic and life in and around Chattanooga. A cost is associated with this activity and will be made available to the student through the student life office.
Each summer the students of RSM will have several opportunities to go on missions trips with our school and with Redemption Point Church. Each student will be required to go on at least one mission trip but others may want to go on more.
From basketball and volleyball tournaments to simple game nights, we want each student to grow spiritually and develop their calling in the midst of a fun and exciting environment.

Experience RSM

One of the most unique aspects of RSM is the sense of community and the family atmosphere that is cultivated throughout the year. The heart of Redemption has always been radical servant hood, leadership development and personal discipleship. We will also have a ton of fun through bonfires, concerts, intimate nights of worship and experiencing life in Chattanooga together. It’s all about walking this journey together and of course, have fun doing it!!

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