It's not just about classes, it's about encounters. Encounters with the Holy Spirit and with peers & leaders will provide exposure and practice of what you're learning in the classroom. During your 9 month intensive year at RSM, you will be strategically placed in the below Immersion opportunities as a part of your journey. 

  • Pastoral Impartation

    • Spending time 1.1 with ministers in the field and learning how to cultivate relationships with peers, leaders and make network connections. Having specific time with the Founders of RSM to hear about what God is saying for this time.

  • Church Immersion

    • Learning and serving in the departments that make up the church body and how the accomplish what God has called them to. Understanding each area is critical to have a holistic outlook of the Kingdom of God.

  • Community Immersion

    • Monthly Labs: Taking one weekend a month that is dedicated to volunteering to apply learned principles within the community.

      • Homeless Ministry

      • Local Sidewalk Ministry

      • Hospital Ministry

  • Kingdom Missions Immersion

    • In State & Out of Country Mission Trips

      • Experience revival within the US and gain exposure to different types of ministries.

      • Taking revival to other countries and seeing how different cultures view and experience God.

  • Prayer & Intercession

    • Weekly time dedicated to group prayer and intercession let by you as the student as well as RSM & RTTN Staff

  • Small Groups

    • Time dedicated with leaders to reflect, discuss and dream about what you're learning and what God is saying through teachings and prayer.

I wouldn’t trade my Lee [University] experience for anything, but until RSM, I’ve never understood the Father’s love like this, and what that means for my future.
— Shabanna Andrews