It's not just about classes, it's about encounters. Encounters with the Holy Spirit and with peers & leaders will provide exposure and practice of what you're learning in the classroom. During your 9 month intensive year at RSM, you will be strategically placed in the below Immersion opportunities as a part of your journey. 

  • Relationship Immersion 
    • Spending time 1.1 with ministers in the field and learning how to cultivate relationships with peers, leaders and make network connections. 
  • Department Immersion
    • Learning the departments that make up the church body and how the accomplish what God has called them to. Understanding each area is critical to have a holistic outlook of the Kingdom of God. 
  • Leadership Immersion
    • Experience leadership in action. Observing and having the opportunity to participate first hand with leaders in the Kingdom to learn to and grow.
  • Monthly Labs: Taking one weekend a month that is dedicated to volunteering to learn and apply learning principles within the community.
    • Homeless Ministry
    • Local Sidewalk Ministry
    • Hospital Ministry 
  • In State & Out of Country Mission Trips
    • Experience revival within the US and gain exposure to different types of ministries.
    • Taking revival to other countries and seeing how different cultures view and experience God.