Vision: to raise sons and daughters empowered by the Holy Spirit to bring revival to the Nations.

Our Story

Redemption School of Ministry was birthed as a breeding ground for those who will shake the planet with the glory of God. What was a dream in the hearts of pastors Kevin and Deven Wallace for years became a reality during a powerful revival that gave rise to this school of the prophets. The Times of Refreshing revival became a catalyst through which God gave clear direction for RSM and its future. God sent provision to accompany the vision and by the blessing of God, an entire university campus was purchased at the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Pastors Kevin and Deven Wallace Redemption to the Nations Church

Pastors Kevin and Deven Wallace
Redemption to the Nations Church

The grounds that once served the iconic Tennessee Temple University are now being renovated for what will become a hub of life-giving ministry that is saturated with the Spirit of God. The leadership team of RSM has taken time to shape an experience that is in keeping with the “school of the prophets” mandate that God gave pastors Kevin & Deven in the beginning. The rest of the amazing story is yet to be written!

Mission: To equip and impart a Kingdom mandate through personal, practical and spiritual formation. 

“RSM is kingdom focused and revival driven.”
— Trinity Drake

Our Core Values

  • Serving the King

  • Honor

  • Awakening the Nations

  • Releasing Sons and Daughters

  • Preparing for Excellence

  • Encountering God's Glory

  • Networking in the Kingdom

Statements of Faith

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